The project provides the participation of a Research Group composed by 11 Professors of the Departments of Social Science and Institutions and of the Department of Economics and Business, and two Research Assistants:

Project design, implementation and website design/development:

Professor Romano Piras (Principal Investigator)
Professor Carla Massidda (Planning & Design Coordinator)
Professor Patrizia Modica (Coordinator of Research Unit 1)
Professor Aldo Pavan (Coordinator of Research Unit 2)

Overall research group project design and implementation:

Professor Cecilia Ferrai

Assistance project implementation and website design/development:

Ms. Martina Catte (Research Assistant)

Martina Catte received her Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management of Tourism Services from the University of Cagliari in 2016 and her Master's degree in Sustainability and Tourism Management from the University of Trento in 2020 with a thesis aimed at studying the individual and contextual factors that influence the propensity and decision to take action in favour of environmental sustainability (link to her thesis). A qualified Auditor and Advisor for the sustainability assessment of tourist destinations, during her master's studies she began collaborating with the University of Cagliari on the project "Destinations' performance measurement and the role of public policies", mainly dealing with the management and implementation of the measurement of tourism impacts, and subsequently with the dissemination of scientific and practical results and performance indicators of tourist destinations.

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