The sustainable tourism development of destinations is an important goal in international, national and local growth policies. From this point of view, the availability of data and indicators is of crucial importance. However, a considerable gap between the ability to find the necessary information and that of using it for policy-making purposes and decision-making actions still exists. This contrasts with the real needs of tourist destinations: not only should local entities have an effective indicators system, they should also be able to use it to measure the destination performance in order to customize policies and programs.


The general objective of the project is to bridge this gap and improve knowledge and awareness of the strategic importance of adequate management and monitoring systems among stakeholders. Specifically, it aims to use an efficient system for monitoring tourism activities based on the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS), in order to stimulate destinations to adopt a sustainable development model where cooperation between public and private stakeholders is pivotal. The final beneficiaries of the research will be public authorities, institutions, organizations and enterprises from the sub-regional to the supranational level.


The project offers the chance to the territories involved to become a European and international model in the field of sustainable tourism in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for enterprises, communities, tourists and environmental protection.


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